Concert Review // Flight Facilities // Bardot – Miami 10/18/12

Flight Facilities at Bardot Miami – photo by Xavier Pineres;

You need only ask yourself one question:  Do you like to dance?  If the answer is yes, then you must catch Flight Facilities on their current tour.  The Australian production duo played in Miami last Thursday October 18, 2012 at club Bardot to a sold out, sweaty crowd.  These boys have a way with keeping their personal details very hush hush – I don’t even know their names – but all that matters is the music, right?  I want to give them a HUGE shout out because as secretive as they are, they managed to slip me onto the guest list at the last minute… and apparently it was a HOT ticket because not only was it Flight Facilities, it was also the 3 year anniversary of the club.  Thanks guys; that was such a treat!

The club itself is not really my cup of tea.  I rolled up to extensive velvet ropes and hoards of people crowding around them (only for them to be turned away).  Had I not been on the guest list, I never would have made it inside, especially with what I was wearing.  Olive linen pants, a black tank, and flip flops will not fly at this place on normal circumstances – the majority of the crowd was Miami’d out top to bottom – stilettos, miniskirts, black, sequins, and make-up to rival Ru Paul.

Once inside, you could not move for the life of you.  Shoulder to shoulder with the tiniest dance floor I have ever seen in a night club, dancing was a difficult feat to achieve (which was the whole reason I went in the first place – a girl’s gotta dance!!!).  The interior design was all wrong in this place; bottle service couches and tables were poorly placed around the 15×15 dance floor in front of the DJ table, blocking off any remaining good space to dance.  There was no stage or raised booth for the DJ’s to do their thang in, so when you were trapped in a corner not being able to move, you couldn’t even see the musical selectors for the evening.

Luckily I found a little nook behind a VIP couch where I was able to forget about all the suck factors, and just dance to the music.  Pirate Stereo opened up the evening with a great selection of indie-electro flavor.  Pirate Stereo is Eyal Agai and Isaac Safdeye, both residents of Miami after meeting at Berklee College of Music.  Though you couldn’t see the DJ booth, it was clear when Flight Facilities took over, as the room’s tenergy quickly jumped up a couple notches while their set took off.

We heard a long, drawn out remix of the Flight Facilities original, “Crave You” (music video goodness), where we were able to sing along, then dance and forget what song we were listening to, until 5 minutes later Giselle came in and reminded us, “craaave you”.  Classics such as Holy Ghost! And Cut Copy were thrown in the mix, and another amazing Flight Facilities original, “With You”.  If you don’t know that track, you must educate your ears right NEOW!  All of their original material prompted happy sing-alongs from the crowd, and had the entire room moving, no matter where you were standing.  The energy was high, the sweat was dripping, and the people I met that night were kind and excited to be there.

At the end of the day, I give the venue Bardot a “meh” on a scale of 1 to meh, but Flight Facilities killed it, delivering the goods, and allowing me to accomplish what I set out to do: get down on it.

Check them out if they are coming to a town near you!  Tour: