It’s time for me to give some long-awaited love to a band that is totally going to explode into the universe, like… any second now. This band is called HAIM (it rhymes with “rhyme”). Comprised of 3 sisters straight out of the San Fernando Valley, these girls have style and flare that echoes the calm bohemian nature of the 70s, yet the happy harmonizing pop of the early 90s. The first time I heard their music, I immediately drew reference to Wilson-Phillips (more sisters that you can’t help but belt your heart out when hearing their music).

Pictured: Este Haim, Alana Haim, Danielle Haim

HAIM is: Este Haim (bass, vox), the eldest sister clocking in at 26 years, followed by 23 year-old Danielle Haim (guitar, vox), and Alana Haim (guitar, vox), born of the year 1991. They also feature a fantastic drummer, Dash Hutton (formerly of Wires on Fire), and while not direct kin of the girls, one could consider him a “brother from another mother”. HAIM’s strong points lie in the art of harmonizing, as well creating music that is riddled with sounds and rhythms that enable the listener to succumb to their witchcraft.

Thus far, HAIM has released their Forever EP in 2012, and have yet to release a full length record. The Forever EP features 4 songs which includes the poppy, whimsical tune “Forever”, and another slow ballad called “Go Slow”. “Go Slow” has a definite Kate Bush vibe happening… This Woman’s Work, anyone?  I absolutely adore the music video for “Forever” which features snippets of home videos from their life as kids, and some of the video was filmed in what I assume to be their home living room.

I also stumbled upon this lovely acoustic version of “Go Slow”, which gives you a little taste on how these gals work together in their groove:

They have toured most extensively through Europe, but 2013 will see them opening for Mumford & Sons for a couple of shows on the East Coast. 2013 has also seen the release of their new single called “Falling”, paired with a new music video released in late February:

I am eagerly watching this band and can’t wait to hear all of the new music that is to come. They’ve got a great vibe happening, and I’d be surprised if we didn’t get to hear some amazing remixes of their music from other wonderful music producers!