Not for Nothing: Everything Everything

In the late summer of 2011, I heard a band that I could not decipher as anything but their own unique selves:  Everything Everything.  Hearing their songs was like igniting this strange part of my brain that had been sleeping for a long long time.  A refreshing sound that I wasn’t sure if I liked or loved, but I knew one thing: I was enjoying it.  Their music can be described as British Indie-Art-Rock, with falsetto vocals, harmonies, and many levels of beats and melodies.  You can tell they have a range of influences, and meld them together nicely in their personally crafted tunes.  I knew from the moment I heard them, that they were “the band” to watch… growing and evolving with each passing year, they are on the verge of releasing their sophomore album in January of 2013.

Everything Everything hail from the great Great Britain, currently residing in Manchester.  Their debut album, Man Alive, was released in August 2010 on Geffen Records, and was later shortlisted for the 2011 Mercury Prize.  My favorite tracks off of this album are “Photoshop Handsome” (also featured on The Magician’s Magic Tape Five), and “Final Form”.

Photoshop Handsome:

Final Form:

Their sophomore album, Arc, will be released in January 2013 on Sony Records, which includes the singles “Cough Cough” (August 2012) and more recently, “Kemosabe” (pronounced Ke-mo-sah-bee).  For info on what the heck that means, direct yourself here: Wiki-sabe.  They released their self-directed video for “Kemosabe”, however it is not yet available in the states – bollox!  The track is addicting, with soaring vocal harmonies, and a melodic guitar riff in the chorus that leaves nothing to be desired (except to hear the track again, of course).

Cough Cough:


EE just finished up a November tour supporting the talented prog-pop act, Muse.  They have no tour dates listed for the great United States yet, but I will be sure to let you all know when they’re coming to this side of the pond!


Everything Everything is:

Jonathan Higgs (vocals, keys, guitar)
Jeremy Pritchard (bass, vocals, keys)
Michael Spearman (drums, vocals, keys)
Alex Robertshaw (guitar, vocals, keys)


If you like what you’ve heard here, be sure to check out their: