The Egg: Something To Do; Part I

Three months ago, one of England’s best electronic music acts, The Egg, released what is their sixth studio album, after EIGHT YEARS of silence!  Their longest record yet (10 tracks), Something To Do (via Squarepeg Records) has been received with praise and epic dance moves, and it is no surprise why:  those eight years were spent diligently crafting and collaborating with some of the best musicians and producers out there, really giving it wings.  I had the opportunity to chat with Maff and Ned Scott, the twin brothers who are responsible for most of The Egg’s existence.  (Naturally, I was very excited about “Twinspeak” interviewing “twin brothers”).  Speaking with them gave a lot of insight into the complex web and world of the The Egg’s ethos; information that I have seldom found elsewhere.  Please enjoy what is to come in this two-part blog post, Part I being my review of the album, and Part II being the interview.  Cheerio!

Part I:  Po’s ‘Pinion


Album Art

Something To Do is easily the best dance record of the year.  The second you hit “play”, there are sirens blaring, telling you, “listen up, you’re in for a ride”.  The first track and single (released July 8, 2012), “Catch”, gives off a major anthem vibe, with reminiscent feelings of good times at a show or a festival with someone (or many people) you love.  There is a definite rhythm to this song; a circular structure, passing you through it with happy lyrics resonating, “I have an amazing time with you.”  To be punny, you can’t deny its “catchiness”, and it’s no shock why they chose to release this as their first single off the album.

Throughout the record, there are tons of cool tinkering sounds, and an undulating bass that rolls deep through the center of the songs.  The airy vocals and lyrics surrender to the music, making one feel funky and carefree, and unable to control moving the body.  There are even times when the guitar makes me wanna throw up some “rawk” hands.  I can draw similarities to usual suspects Air and Fila Brazilia, but I was also surprised with relations to Passengers (“Over There”) and Pat Metheny (“In My Pocket”).  I don’t want to compare them too much to any other act, because The Egg certainly know how to serve their own cake, but I do think it’s worth mentioning that their ingredients draw upon old recipes, which makes it extra DE-LISH-US.  The record’s lyrics are reminiscent of festivals, camping, drugs, the cosmos, love… so really, there is no negativity happening here.

The track “Something To Do” offers the feeling of soaring through the air, which is kind of awesome because the first time I listened to this record, I WAS soaring through the air on an airplane.  Pretty perfect, eh?  On this track, you hear some really cool sounds which I can only describe as “fossilized”, or something like air passing through narrow pipes.  “In Your Pocket” really stood out to me, with is power to be so unique in the group, while still maintaining a collective consciousness with the other tracks…it is just downright visceral.  A soft, careful piece, this song’s lyrics conjure up romantic images like those straight out of a fairy tale (“look for the mountains in postcards from Venice”?  Melt.)

Here they are doing a great little version of “Something To Do” at Cowshed Studios:

In other, more danceable tunes, like “Electric City”, they keep it on the feet with an effortless four to the floor, and when the time comes for the build up, they know just when to deliver the smooth release – it’s not overdone, and fits perfectly within the parameters of the track.  “Fire” is a track much more electronic-heavy, with robotic vocals and a dark drone vibe; you can really imagine being at a festival when listening to this one, with the guitar offering a more organic sound around the 5-minute mark, putting an Ali Farka Touré spin on things.

In short, Something To Do is an epic landscape of dance, love, music, and happiness.  Highly Suggested For: parties, dancing, exercising, flying in an airplane, wanting to impress people with your impeccable taste in music.


You can listen to the whole album on SoundCloud (though you should buy it if you have the means):

Lyrics and other fun stuff can be found on their website: